Wifi Cracking

Every Newbee who starts to learn hacking want to break something, There might be many reasons to break the wifi. There are kind of legal issue with it so keep that in mind. But the information which i am providing is only for educational purpose. When i was learning these stuff it took a week to figure out what all i need and how to do it, There are many websites from where you can get the content how to crack it. But i found only few reliable solutions.

Pre-requsite Features:

  • Anonymity : You need to hide your identity completely that’s possible. I will explain it in another topic called how to become anonymous.
  • Hardware : There are few software which you might need to complete the task, such as below.
    •    PC : 16/12 Ram.
    •    PC :  Any PC with minimum availability of 4 core processor.
    •    PC :  Free space of 100 GB.
    •    PC : Make sure you buy Wifi USB adapter
      • I bough one from amazon for 6$ and it was able to crack bunch of wifi password. (Link)
  • Software : Please do install all the software for the legitimate websites. Be careful.
    • VMware workstation  ( They are available for free )
    • Kali Linux os for VMware 64/32 bits.
    • Tor browser
    • VPN   (I prefer Nord, They are fast and reliable $125/3 years )
  •  Human Features: You may fail multiple times, don’t worry you will get it. There were many moments where i felt depressing after doing all kind of stuff i was not able to make it work. It needs lot of patience. But believe me once you have done everything in a prefect pattern, You will see cool results.

Note: No matter whatever method you use, it will take few hours to few seconds. So you need to be patient and try alternative methods. It took couple days to break some passwords for me and some took just few seconds. It all depends how vulnerable the access-point is.

Setup Procedure:

Note: There are many useful link out there and i don’t want to waste time explaining those small stuff, so i will be pasting the links and you can just follow them.

Step 1: You need to install the VMware workstation (Link)

Step 2: After that you need to install Kali Linux in VMware, go though the link and do as it is (Link).

Note: we have acquired all the major ingredients, Now we need to check if recipe has enough salt and spices added.

Step 3: Update your applications in Linux OS.

  • #apt-get  upgrade

Operational Procedure:

There are multiple ways to attack WIFI password and the most of those attacks are using a tool.

I have been through those tools and been through a hard time so after a good sum of time I came to know how to make some application work and below I will be writing a method to install the software and way to use it.

Before even using any kind of wifi hacking tools we need wireless usb adapter, and it should be in monitor mode.

  • We need to make wireless adapter work:(Link)

Steps to setup wireless adapter:

  • sudo apt-get install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms ( This will work for the Real tek device, like wise you can install this for other device depending on its chipset you can install the package but I used some different company but this package worked for me.)

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get upgrade

  • ifconfig or iwconfig

  • sudo systemctl restart network-manager   ## This will restart the network setting and load the wireless adapter

  • ifconfig or iwconfig    ##This should now show the adapter and which mode it is in

  • lsusb                            ## This will show list of USB connected to device

Note: There will be many instances you see your wireless adapter may disconnect, then you need to unplug the adapter and use this command sudo systemctl restart network-manager and then disconnect the network from host and rejoin back.

Steps to configure the Wireless adapter:

  • ifconfig wlan 0 down               ## This will change the mac address of the adapter.

  • macchanger –random

  • ifconfig wlan 0 up

  • sudo ifconfig wlan0 down  ## This will keep the adapter in monitor mode to get data.

  • sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

  • sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

  • sudo iwconfig

once you configure all this now you need to restart the kali machine and connect the USB and check the ‘ifconfig’  you should be good.

  • ifconfig

  • iwconfig


Tools with which we are going to work and how to mess with them:

1: Wifite:

  • This software is already in kali but to make it work we need to install some additional tools, Believe me its a nightmare to make it work, took whole day to figure out where i was doing mistake.


  • Hcxtools : To make Wifite run we need to install this tool, the reason why we need hcxtools are there are multiple attacks that needs to be performed and to perform those commands we need it.
  • sudo git clone https://github.com/ZerBea/hcxdumptool.git

  • cd hcxdumptool

  • Sudo make # you might see errors if some library are not installed so you need to install the library

    •  sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev

  • Sudo make install  # This command will install all the tools required.

  • Then you see all the list of tools you need is installed.
  • If it didn’t work make sure you have installed the libraries needed for this.
  • If it didn’t worked after going above procedure

Lets have some fun now:

1 :  Wifite

  •    Once we have all the requirement we can close the terminal and open the new terminal,
    • Follow the commands:
      • Sudo wifite            ## You will see wifite running and you can see list of AP’s around you


      • Once you see the AP now enter ‘ctrl+c‘ and wait for a while it will list out all the SSID’s


      • Now enter the  AP’s num which you want to crack.
      • IT will run multiple testing and inbuilt actions and certainly you might or might not get the password.

2 : Fern wifi cracker:

This tool is used when you know a device is connected to an AP and you know the mac address of the device then it’s useful. It’s pretty simple nothing much to mess with. All you need is the things below:

  • You need to have Wireless USB Adapter connected and configured, those steps are mentioned above.
  • And open Fern wifi cracker
  • Select wlan0
  • Scan for accesspoints


  • Select the accesspoint
  • And add the mac address of the device connected
  • Then select wifi attack


If you are lucky you might see

Note : Additional verification Check Wireshark filter with mac address:

not eth.addr == 0E:5B:xx:xx:xx:xx   #(Example) This will help you to filter out the mac address of the device you wanted to

3 : Reaver

Pre-requisite :

#airmon-ng start wlan0      #make sure you start the wlan0 in monitor mode

How to setup Reaver :

We need to clone the git library and then  with certain commands we need to install it :



Locate the shell

  • cd reaver-wps-fork-t6x*

  • cd src


  • ./configure

  • make


  • sudo make install

Operational steps:

How to Use Reaver: Its hard to find useful websites out there with information on Reaver, But i will show you how i used it.


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